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06/04/14 - Turkish, German, Danish, Belgian? - Live and work in Malta in front of the camera!

Good looking, love the camera and the sun?

Why not broaden your horizons and come to Malta as video croupiers for Europe's largest online gaming live dealer casino.

See our video introduction to Evolution Gaming 

You will receive a work permit, indefinite contract, salary and bonuses and we will help you move to Malta.
We will even train you so you don't even need experience!
Malta is one of the gems of the Mediterranean so its a home from home.


Essential requirements

  • Native (or near native fluency for Turkish only) in Dutch, German, Danish, French/Dutch/Flemish

  • Good level of English (a must have for interview, training and general communication purposes)

  • Good attitude, bright, motivated and well mannered.

  • Someone who is very customer and people oriented.

  • A general interest in the industry or role – no experience required however.

  • Flexibility to work shifts, nights, weekends, public holidays etc.


How to apply:

  • Click on the following link Contact Us or go to our application on our Facebook page

  • CV's to be attached with full name, age/DOB and location and a recent photo.

  • In the COVER LETTER please add a summary of yourself with the following:-

  1. What are you currently doing?

  2. What did you study?

  3. Have you seen the introductory video and why do you like the company and the live dealer position?

  4. Why do you wish to live in Malta?

  5. Do you have casino experience?

  6. What are your salary expectations and other benefits for this job?

  7. Your nationality.

  8. What is your Skype name (for interview purposes).

Good luck!




Why Malta?

In Malta, you can explore 7000 years of history yet live passionately in the present – there is an astonishing array of things to discover. Wherever you go, the Islands' scenery and architecture provide a spectacular backdrop.

What makes the Maltese Islands unique is that so much of their past is visible today.


Perfect weather

Malta’s climate is typical of the Mediterranean: sunny with a daily average of five to six hours of sunshine in mid-Winter to more than 12 hours in summer at temperatures averaging between 30-35 degrees on typical summer’s day.

Winters are mild but can be damp and rainy. Average temperatures in February range from 10 to 16 oC, and the monthly average rainfall is 62 mm.


Good quality of life

Having joined the EU, Malta has taken full advantage of opportunities available for advancement in commercial standards, business and quality of life.

Living standards in Malta are good and compare well with those of continental Europe.

Annual living costs in Malta are substantially lower than most of the developed European Countries.

Safety and security are outstanding. Children can play outside in absolute safety, and all areas are safe to walk or drive around at night.

We'll see you in Malta!






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