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20/09/17 - The Ultimate Floating Hotel & Casino


This is a private hotel on the water, which was created with the purpose of reception of guests, providing them with food, providing a European level of service; and as a result of this activity, obtaining a stable and large income.


The Floatel is an auxiliary vessel, built in 2008, covering an area of about 5000m2, located in the Black Sea.


  • Length 73.8 m
  • Width 13.9 m
  • Height 3.5 - 4 m
  • Draft 2,8 m full weight
  • 3000 tons
  • Rooms 21 + 1 suite (for 350 square meters - consists of four rooms, a gym, bathroom, terrace) - 100 seats
  • Restaurant for 100 seats
  • Conference halls - small - 30 seats; Large - 70 seats
  • 46 guests
crew x2

staff x10

Guests x 46
Main deck - 8 pax
deck 1 - 24 pax
deck 2 - 14 pax


The vessel is a concrete pontoon with a three-tiered superstructure of the entire length and width of the ship tilted to the transom wall midsection. The superstructure has a steel upper deck., And the glass pyramid in the metal frame on the top deck of the superstructure.



The Floatel is complete, outfitted with equipment, furniture, and the necessary equipment is ready for full hotel operations.


The casino rooms are fit for purpose and need only equipment installation.

This vessel can be transported to anywhere in the world within weeks and operate immediately.


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