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03/08/13 - Charges dropped against Mohegan Sun dealer accused of marking cards

Prosecutors dropped all charges Tuesday against a former Mohegan Sun dealer accused of marking cards to help two gamblers win.

The move Tuesday in New London Superior Court comes less than two weeks after Jian Bang Ng, 40, of Norwich, testified against the gamblers at their trial, and a jury found them not guilty.

“I see no other just resolution than to decline prosecution,” Assistant State’s Attorney Stephen Carney said.

Ng had been charged with cheating at gambling, conspiracy to commit cheating at gambling and first-degree larceny. He had been free on $10,000 bail.

Ng had faced a maximum of 30 years in prison had he been convicted of all charges. Before he testified, however, he signed an agreement in which the prosecution agreed to take his testimony into account.

Leonard Hu, 53, of Flushing Meadow, N.Y., and Hung Lit Leung, 63, of New York, were accused of conspiring with Ng and Bong Gate Louie, another former dealer at the Uncasville casino, to win hundreds of thousands of dollars at mini-baccarat in fall 2010 and winter 2011.

A six-member jury acquitted Hu and Leung on July 23 after a six-day joint trial in New London Superior Court.

Louie, also of Norwich, had been charged in the alleged cheating scheme, and he too testified at Hu and Leung’s trial. He may have charges against him dropped, as well, when he next appears in court on Aug. 13.

In his testimony, Ng said he met a man he knew only as “Lee” who offered him a bribe to mark cards that he dealt, allowing someone who recognized the marks to get an advantage in placing bets.

Ng testified that he did mark cards and received payments of several thousands dollars in cash in his home mailbox. He did not identify Hu or Leung as anyone other than casino patrons, however.

“His testimony was helpful,” Carney said.


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