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14/08/13 - Athens Casino wishes to move... closer to Athens!

The Regency Casino Mont Parnes is arguably the most prestigious casino in Greece due to its location on top of Mount Parnitha and its' proximity to the capital Athens, which is a mere 32kms to the south.


It offers luxurious casino facilities in the heart of a natural reserve with unbeatable views. Furthermore it may only be accessed by taxi or by the use of a dedicated cable car.


After 40 years of living on a mountain the casino of Parnitha have filed a written request for the relocation of the casino.


The five reasons for given below, cite that staying where it is will cause harm to the Greek Economy and the local environment.



1. The number of foreigners visiting the Casino of Parnitha has drastically declined ("is practically nonexistent").


2. The hotel facilities were closed many years ago.


3. Since 2008 the economic downturn has affected dramatically the casino industry.


4. The creation of new modern facilities in a new location to be agreed with the Greek government will contribute to traffic and therefore increase the turnover.


5. Continued operation of casinos in Parnitha creates serious environmental impact on the mountains and the National Forest.



51% of the casino belongs to a private operator partnership whilst the Greek State Treasury holds 49% and employs 1,050 workers.


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