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03/09/13 - What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Croupier in the UK?

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What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Croupier in the UK?

No formal qualifications are needed to be a Croupier at the moment in the UK


However there is one crucial piece of paper that you will require to work within the gaming industry. This is a PFL or to give its full title, Personal Functional License. It is a simple process to acquire a PFL or the management equivalent PML (Personal Management License).All you need to do is apply for the PFL or PML through the Gambling Commission.


What Qualifications Do I Need To Be In The Gaming Industry?


If you want to be in the following activities of the Gaming Industry you will need a PFL / PML.


Any individual performing any of the operational functions below allowing them to influence the outcome of gambling or any function relating to the receiving or paying of money in connection with gambling must apply for a Personal Functional License: So to work in a casino in any of the roles below you will need a PFL / PML. It is Important and you will not get work in a casino without it.


PFL (Personal Functional License)

  • Dealer
  • Croupier
  • Pit Boss
  • Inspector
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Cashiers


PML (Personal Management License)


  • General Managers [Casino Jobs]
  • Venue Directors
  • Compliance Managers
  • IT (If Related to Gaming)
  • Marketing/Commercial Development
  • Financial / Budget Control


The PML management License is a little more complex than the PFL and states Any individual responsible for any of the key management functions (regardless of their actual job title) must have a PML.


Note: The PFL is renewable every 5 years


To apply for your own PFL:


At TIGA we will help you to complete all the necessary paper work required should you wish to apply for your PFL (Private Functional License) or your PML (Personal Management License).


To work in any UK Casino you will need a license known as a PFL or PML. To get this is quite a complicated process and you will need to provide several documents as well as information about yourself to the Gambling Commission, who are the regulators of all gaming in the United Kingdom.


We at TIGA can guide you through all of this process and complete the various forms, documents and checks required for you, as well as take them personally to the Gambling Commission on your behalf, in order to give you the best possible chance of acquiring the valuable UK license. In addition we at TIGA will help you to complete a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check to insure your credentials, back ground and suitability to work in the Casinos of the UK.


Fees and legal details:

All Applicants should please note that we are unable to process
any applications until full payment has been received and has cleared with our bank.
Payments are accepted by Bank transfer, PayPal, Cash and further details are available through the TIGA website or by contacting TIGA on request for current fees and exchange rates where applicable.
When paying by bank transfer please ensure that the full amount reaches our TIGA bank account taking into consideration any bank charges or currency conversion charges that may be applied by your country bank of origin.
It should also be noted that all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of whether or not the license application is successful or declined.
TIGA will not be responsible for any discrepancies in the application processes and the applicant will be responsible for any legal or further investigations should these arise.
When completing and signing these forms it is the applicant’s responsibility and liability to ensure all information is completed truthfully and no attempt to withhold information is made.
When applying from outside the UK applicants should be aware that they will be required to send original documentation such as Passports and ID. Photocopies are not accepted by the Gambling Commission and will not be considered sufficient.
As these documents are obviously valuable they must be sent to us by secure postal methods or special delivery such a courier services. The cost and security of this is entirely the responsibility of the applicant and are not included in the set cost of the license application process that we at TIGA provide.


As well as your completed application form, you will also need to send in to TIGA:

  • Personal license photo ID form
  • Any continuation pages you have used
  • Proof of identity documents (originals or notarized copies. These will be returned by Recorded or special delivery and will need to be signed for upon receipt)
  • Criminal Records Bureau or Disclosure Scotland application form or recent report (please email or call our contact centre to get a copy of this form). Also see: Does having a criminal record affect my application for a Personal Management or Personal Functional License?
  • Copies of any gambling licenses not issued in the United Kingdom (UK)
  • The license fee.



"If  you do have a previous criminal record it is better to inform Gambling Commission in the first instance as they take a very dim view if they discover anything whilst doing your CRB check", Official quote from The Gaming Commission



If you have a criminal record, this does not mean the Gambling Commission will automatically refuse your license application.  In assessing your application, they will take into account:

  1. How serious the crime was?
  2. How relevant it is to the role?
  3. How long ago it was committed?


The Gambling Commission take a serious view when applicants do not state previous convictions on the application form and will always contact the applicant to ask why this was not declared. The Gambling Commission also check details of cautions, reprimands and spent convictions as well as current convictions.


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