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Bitcoin Bingo

Ref No: 70

Asking Price:  €250,000

Bingo without borders!

Now is the chance to be a 100% of your very own Bingo platform website.


What is the Bitcoin 90 Bingo Game?

Bitcoin 90 Bingo is the most wonderful Bingo game with 90 balls.

There are more winners on each party than elsewhere.

This Bitcoin Bingo Game is calculated with bonuses and Jackpot to return to player (RTP) more than 90 %.

The game of Bingo is a game of pure chance. The players choose ticket numbers composed of 15 listed between 1 and 90. In an Abacus, containing 90 balls, balls numbered differently will be randomly picked out by the RNG. If the ticket of the player has the combination of numbers out he wins the prize money announced!


  • The balls are drawn at random from 1 to 90
  • A ticket consists of 3 rows and 9 columns option is 27, 15 numbers are divided in these cases.
  • A plate is made up of 6 tickets representing all the 90 numbers.
  • Each line in a box can only receive 5 issues, other cases are called empty.
  • Every column of a box represents a group of ten, for example the first column can contain only numbers from 1 to 9, and so on.


To win at Bingo must have obtained one of the following combination:

  1. One line;
  2. Two lines;
  3. Full house.


There are two types of games :


Bingo Winner 7

7 winners by drawing minimum possible : minimum Winners with one line, minimum winners with two lines and minimum 1 winner with full house.


Bingo Winner 4

4 winners by drawing minimum possible : minimum winners with one line, minimum winner with two lines and minimum 1 winner with full house.


Game notes:

  • During a run, to the last call for the combination if several players earn the same draw, the same profit will be distributed to the winners of this draw.
  • Therefore when a player obtains a winning combination for supposedly looking for another combination, the combination will not allow it to earn profit.
  • The game ends when minimum one ticket has a full house, even if the 90 balls were not all drawn.




BITCOIN: The platform has been configured to operate with Bitcoin so maybe operated within most jurisdictions. This enables a wider audience reach.


TESTED:The bingo software has been tested and previously held a Malta licence. (class 2)


B2B and B2C: The platform is a bespoke design to function as both a whitelable provider as well as an operator



There is a full Back office sytem and reporting tools.


The Bingo is 90 ball 


There is a chatroom facility


The platform has been operating until an unfortunate personal reason forced the owner to suspend the business. Now the owner wishes to sell this business as is unable to continue.


The business was operating with a Maltese licence after having undergone rigorous testing by a testing lab.


The platform maybe configured to Tablet and Mobile gaming at a small extra cost.


The platform can add any games, casinos, sportsbetting via the API.


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Growth Potential: 

Worldwide appeal


Full technical support available

Seller Financing: 

Sale Reason: 

Due to ill health

Cash Flow: 

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