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Optimization of your Casino property

As a casino owner or GM, do you really know your productivity rate?


AACasino can train your CCTV department to observe, record and report.


You will now have a 360 degree view of your operations.You will be able to pinpoint trends in employee activity as well as your players.


There is no longer any need to rely on your management for their reports, you will not only already know the facts, you will have the ability at your fingertips to instantly research previous history of those involved. 


  • How many roulette spins and hands of baccarat, poker and blackjack are you producing per hour?
  • How efficient is your shuffle?
  • What is your % rate of employees compliant to SOP's or regulations?
  • Are your pitbosses maximizing the usage of dealers and supervisors?
  • How secure is your cash desk?
  • Is the cash count transparent to the surveillance team?
  • Where are your strengths and weaknesses in your team?
  • Are you taking steps in development of your staff and management?

If you are unsure of the answer to any of the examples above, then AACASINO can gladly work with you.


To optimize the operations is only good business sense in this present financial climate where every penny now counts.



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