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Customer optimisation software for marketing

For any casino to survive in the present economic climate then your management software needs to cover all bases to incorporate the following data;


Collating this data is as easy as swiping a card but the information gathered will give you an insight into each of your player’s profile and an overview into your casino operation.


Member Management –   Member Data Collection, Member Categorization and Member Check In.


Table Management – Accounting of all table transactions, Table result estimation and Optimum management of tables.


Cage Management – Management of all financial transactions from all stations within the casino, Classification of transactions by account/ sub-account, and Auditing of financial transactions.


Players Tracking & Junket Management – Data collection and management of data related to member playing activity, Management of player reward through points and Management of junket operators on commission.


CRM with Host management and Promotions – Collection and management of CRM data, Multiple classification of customers based either on actual or potential play, Support of promotion campaigns provided to the final customers based on multiple criteria and Support of immediate notification to Customer Service staff on events related to customer activity.


Surveillance Management – Management of database for banned customers, Immediate notification on incidents within the casino, Documentation and managing of incidents related to inappropriate behaviour of customers and casino employees.


Business Intelligence – Fast processing of high volume data, User friendly graphic work environment for reduced training time and Simple integration with existing office applications.


The most versatile piece of Casino Marketing software you will ever see. Click here for more details.


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