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Money saving 4 week casino school

Your casino purchase may be the biggest investment you have made so your initial staff training is critical.

You will need to ensure that you are protecting your investment and the correct procedures are installed from day one to maximize your employee productivity and increase the game security.

Your budget allocated for training will cost you only 4 weeks instead of paying out for the 8 to 12 weeks advertised globally.


The Basics of Training:

  • Training completed in one month. So, your casino is operating and dealers are earning sooner than any other training school.
  • Training of 3 games to include Roulette with call bets, Blackjack and 3rd game - (Poker & variants, Baccarat, Craps for experienced).
  • AACasino can recruit local and expatriot staff and are able to take an unlimited amount of candidates due to their process of alternate start dates.
  • Training is open to any candidate profile that provides a clean Police Conduct Report. No need for initial interviews.
  • Each candidate is measure and analyzed on a daily basis so the casino owner has an accurate record of the development progress in real time.
  • Candidates are aware of performance and are given specific attention to develop and improve on weaker skills.
  • Candidates are formed and developed in attitude, confidence, customer services, grooming, punctuality and social responsibility.
  • Non-English speakers are taught in pronunciation and casino vocabulary by qualified English teacher.
  • Recruitment is via our popular social media.
Please contact us for a quote tailored to suit your casino training needs.
AACasino are experienced trainers and utilizing their unique accelerated learning method, consistently achieve higher skills levels that regular training schools. In addition, we are adaptable to accept an indefinite amount of trainees, at different start dates and at different levels.



AACasino can set up your entire surveillance team from scratch. Agents to be trained on cheat detection, employee analysis, customer observance, report writing and administration. 

CONTACT US for more information on our surveillance set up training. 


Pitboss & Management

AACasino can set up your management team so everyone is 'reading from the same page'. Managers to be trained on employee development, player analysis, customer marketing, internal/external customer service, dispute resolution, pit management and employee appraisal scheme.

CONTACT US for more information on our casino supervisor/manager training. 


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