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Proxy Betting solutions now available

Description of Proxy Betting facility:


The Dealer and the Agent, are captured by the camera while they interact with each other. The Dealer provides the local IT department with the Game Results Display via local hardware already in place, the video feed and the statistics are input into the Local Convergence Server.


This server will compile the video and statistics together in order to provide to the Remote Player.


Meanwhile, the Remote Player keeps an open communication with the agent via telephone(VoIP) in order to play remotely.


The Player simply logs into his online account and will be able to see the game results of all games in progress. He selects the table of his choice, which in turn connects him to the live video feed and he is instantly in communication with the next available agent. 



Technical Requirements:


•Internal Bandwidth 1000mbps Cat 5e or above for Video and Voice, in 2 different networks, 1 for video and 1 for voice. (Can use VLANs)
•The startup will be 8 octagonal tables with 2 cameras and 8 VoIP phones, which will leave us with a total of 16 cameras and 64 VoIP phones.
•We will need a dedicated internet connection with a minimum of 40Mbps of upload speed for video.
•We will need a dedicated internet connection with a minimum of 4Mbps of upload speed for voice.
•4 public IPs.


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